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Address: Pote Estate, Kathora Road, Amravati.Maharashtra


Glimpses of Campus

Beginning one's life at college involves the making of a crucial transition from the familiar environs of school life to one of what seems to be endless freedom. As the shackles of parental control are broken away, one finds oneself in a bewildering variety of situations, often having to make innocuous looking decisions that may have important repercussions later. But remember, you are not alone. The PRPPIERians are always there to listen and to help!A lush green campus on Kathora road (flying from Amravati to Chandur Bazar) contains Institute building, Workshop, Canteen, Parking for vehicles, Auditorium, Play Grounds, and vicinity to Gajanan Township, a place to stay. To complement the academic component prescribed by the university and to enhance the overall educational experience of students, every attempt is made through the conductions of wide range of extra-curricular programmes, facilities, services and activities. These events provide students and other members of the university exposure to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational opportunities and challenges.Such experiences enrich the lives of students and help them fulfill their potential. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are planned and executed through a number of associations, clubs, societies and students' chapters of professional bodies. They are managed by representatives of students and are monitored by the faculty in-charge.

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